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Welcome to AI School, the gateway to unleashing the power of artificial intelligence. Dive deep into machine learning, computer vision, and natural language processing. With expert guidance, our all-encompassing programs will equip you to craft intelligent solutions. Join us and embark on a transformative AI innovation journey.


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We're really pleased to accredit these courses. We were especially impressed by the knowledge and vision of the AI Academy staff together with their commitment to education and advancement of data literacy in the region. The IoA offers a range of entry points for people interested in a career in data profession as global world economies become more data-focused.
Dr Clare Walsh, Director of Education

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Learning Model

A 12-week experiential learning and hands-on training session


Training Methodology

Learn through real-life business cases and work on live projects.


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Courses available in the AI School

Our AI School offers a wide variety of programs and courses led by leading industry experts.

Advanced AI Specialist Program

This program's main goal is to help AI specialists become proficient in machine learning and deep learning, setting them on a path towards a career in artificial intelligence.

Price of Programme: N200, 000

Program Length: 12 weeks

Tools include: Advanced Python Programming for AI and ML, Python MySQL, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning with TensorFlow.


Prompt Engineering

This program focuses on designing and optimizing prompts or instructions used in artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to generate specific responses or outcomes. It involves crafting precise and effective language prompts to improve the performance and usability of AI models.

Price of Programme: N100, 000

Program Length: 12 weeks

Tools include: Chat GPT, MidJourney, and Co-pilot.


Creatives Nest

In today's digital world, creativity has endless possibilities. Our training helps creative individuals use AI to make amazing stories and content, no matter if you're a writer, designer, artist, or filmmaker.

Price of Programme: N100, 000

Program Length: 6 weeks

Tools include: Chat GPT, Dall-E, and Meta AI.


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